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Please call 412-882-1320 during regular business hours. Same day appointments during regular business hours are welcome.

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Our Pittsburgh Family Dental Practice

Welcome to Poling Family Dental Care in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. We want your dental care to be comfortable and relaxed. If you are in search of comfort dentistry, both oral and IV sedation are available for relaxation.

Offering a variety of dental treatments, both traditional and cosmetic, we are here to serve all of your dental health needs.

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Our Dental Treatments


Bone Grafting and PRF

Bone grafting and platelet-rich fibrin reconstructive services are available. 


Root Canal Therapy

Restorative root canal therapy or endodontic therapy is available to eliminate tooth pulp infection and protect the tooth from future contamination or damage.


Dental Implants

We offer cutting edge dental implant technology in the Pittsburgh area in order to reverse the discomfort of missing teeth.


Oral Surgery

Preventative and restorative oral surgery services, along with a personalized care plan, is available to all dental patients.


General Restorative Dentistry

Whether in need of a filling, crown, or veneers, top-tier restorative services are offered. 


TMJ and Bite Issues

Preventative services are offered to prevent potential chronic TMJ and other jaw and bite complications.


Esthetic Treatments

Several in-house esthetic treatment options are available. This includes teeth whitening and other cosmetic dentistry treatments.



Invisalign orthodontic services are available to those looking to have a straighter smile, without the hassle of traditional braces and hardware.

Our Team of Dental Professionals

Scott Poling

Scott Poling

Dentist and Owner

Christine Skolyak

Christine Skolyak

Oral Hygienist